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Friday, November 11, 2011

Baby, you are my shining star.

After losing my keys for the 3rd, yes 3rd time in one week, I vowed I would make a place for them to be always.
I had a piece left from the table turned bench I made for my niece a while ago..

I figured I could paint it all pretty and screw a few hooks in it.
Boy, was it bland. Idea struck. I had picked up a star ornament from the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago.
I loved how it looked, but I wanted this for year round use, and the ornament with all it’s glittery beauty looked a little too Christmas for me. What to do? Spray paint!
Now, doesn’t that look much better and a bit less Christmas-y?
I centered the star, and craft glued it down.
Then my husband I screwed some hooks into the bottom of it.
Isn’t she lovely?
Happy Fall, yall!

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Christmas spirit.

November 1st, I started my search for DIY Christmas inpiration. I ran across this picture, and became infatuated with the simplicity of it.


So last night, after a family “Alabama party”, I snatched a few empties to take home with me.


Wrapped it with white yarn.


Stuck a stick in it, and hung some ornaments.


I plan on these going on my bedside tables.



Happy Fall, yall!