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Friday, June 24, 2011


I'm still looking for the perfect fabric for this chair
I intend on it being a gift for my niece's birthday, but nothing I've seen has screamed perfect yet.
I am going to Joann to check out their seersucker fabric sale - $3 a yard!
I love seersucker. It's so light and airy. Who knows what may come of it. :)

Speaking of fabrics... I found a flannel zebra print in the bargain bin at WalMart. Usually when I think of flannel, I think of lumberjacks and pajamas... but zebra.. ahh I love it so much. So I picked up 2 yards of it, and was able to create this gorgeous thing:
So much beauty! I whipped that bad boy up in less than half an hour and was able to do it on the super cheap by re-purposing the stuffing from a couple of animals that my husband (the claw machine master) won.

Now, I know that sunburst mirrors are (as a rule of thumb) round... but I picked up an adorable mirror at the Dollar Tree; the only problem being that it is rectangular. I think though, that coupled with some nice, spray painted skewers that I may have a cute, little mirror on my hands. May be a fail.. we'll see. :)

Have you ever made your own sunburst mirror? Did it turn out as good as it looked in your head?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My very first blog introduction!

Well, hi there! 
What has brought me to this blogger world, you may wonder. Well, when my husband and I first married, we lived in a tiny, tiny loft apartment that I felt I would suffocate in before I ever escaped it's petite walls! We talked about buying one, but decided that just wasn't something our incomes would allow right away, so thus began the search for a rental home. After searching high and low for 6 months for a house that would suit our needs and our budget, we lucked upon an older house, 2 bedroom, and yes, PERFECT for our financial needs! The only problem? I absolutely hated it. That is when I decided since there was very little I could do to the inside of the house, besides a coat of paint here and there, that I must make everything I own express my personality. That is when these chairs were born:

I have no tutorial for them, since I hadn't decided yet that I would blog, but it's easy peasy to do with a quick Google search for tips. :)
I plan to refurbish, repaint, refinish, rearrange, (all those re words you can think of ) every thing I own (and maybe some things I don't).
Next project? This chair: 

I found this curbside.. FREE! Yes, it is hideous, but with a little patience, and TLC, who knows what could happen?
Join me?