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Monday, October 3, 2011

5 minute circle scarf

I have 4 nieces and 3 nephews ranging in ages 1-17. Buying gifts for so many kids (not counting parents) can get expensive! For the past few years I’ve opted to buy them only one gift each, and make them one gift each. This year I chose to make the girls a scarf and hat set, since they are all hitting or already in their teenage years, a fashion accessory will go over well. At first I thought I would knit or crochet a simple scarf, but who really has the time or patience to do this 4 times? Not I. During my usual thrift store rounds this past weekend, I found an adorable baby pink sweater for $1.00! I was itching to make something last night, and this is such an easy project. I was finished in only a few minutes.
First I cut the sleeves off the sweater.
Next I turned one sleeve inside out, and tucked the other sleeve inside it.
Sewed one end of the sleeves together, and pulled the inside sleeve out.
Then, I laid the open ends of the sleeves on top of each other, folding one sleeve a quarter of an inch, pinned, and straight stitched together.
It isn’t perfect, but it sure is pretty!

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