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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Craft table redo.

Every day when I want to browse the internet, or do some crafting this is what I have to look at:
Mind you my trash can isn’t always over flowing, and on good days the floor is swept. You get the idea though, right?
Being that we live in a 2 bedroom with no outside storage, and the only place we have for storage is the second bedroom, it tends to be an awful mess.
Oh, storage room, what a never ending, thorn in my paw, mess you are. You hold so many things: My sewing machine, laundry baskets, out of season clothes, extra bedding, ALL of the Hubby’s junk that he refuses to let go of. If I’m being honest, I have to tell you it’s overwhelming trying to keep it tidy. Usually I just keep the door closed and call it good enough, but today some bug must of bit me. I wanted something done and I wanted it done NOW.
I started off with the craft table/desk. This was free to me but it was pretty rough.
I have been using it as is since I got it at the first of the year. It’s taken so much abuse that I actually felt sorry for it.
I sanded the top a little bit. I mixed my own grey using flat latex paint. I prefer flat to any other paint, not everything needs to be shiny.
I brushed on the first coat so that I could pay extra attention to the edges. I rolled on the second.
The legs were awful as well. I’m assuming they were at one time white, when I got the table they were yellow, aged and stained… and not in a good way.
I gave them 2 crisp coats of white. Then 2 coats of Rustoleum lacquer.
I understand with a curtained table you can hide a multitude of sins. I NEEDED a hiding place in the worst way.
With the help of the Hubs to keep it straight, I took this vintage sheet..
See that blue-grey? Beautiful match.
Now, I had intended on doing this step correctly, with a rod and all, BUT where the legs attach to the top, there is a strangely rounded joint. They are roughly 5 inches wide, leaving a 5 inch gap between the curtain and the leg. So, I went the easy route and stapled that baby right on there.
It isn’t any where near perfect, but I LOVE it. I feel much better about letting people use our computer now!
So many things are hidden behind this curtain now instead of sitting out in the open, embarrassing me!
Happy fall!

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  1. And don't you feel much better?! YAY for accomplishing something!! You don't even WANT to see a picture of MY craft corner (uhhhh... 6 bags from Hobby Lobby shoved into the corner of the dining room LOL). See, you're not the only one. At least you can shut the door on yours. ;)