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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Childhood chest.

I’d say the chest of drawers from my youth are long overdue for a makeover. Wouldn’t you?
I’m a little embarrassed that I’ve used this for so many years and done absolutely nothing to it. In my defense, it was in my walk in closet. Chew ‘em up, America!
Yes- it came like that. Pretty red painted hardware, Kellogg’s sticker and all! It’s cheap laminate, but sturdy as anything I’ve ever owned.
After I peeled that 1990 something sticker off the side, I was ready to go. I didn’t even prime, just put an extra thick first coat to the top of the chest. It did the job. After it dried for 2 years a day, I taped off 3 of my drawers. Each one in a different design. I didn’t do anything special to the chest, just flat white.
The fourth drawer I “sponge” painted by just pressing my foam brush down on it randomly.
I wanted the drawers to all have a rough look. Not distressed, but I did want them to look old. So I let the paint dry with the tape still on, then ripped it off. Making sure to jerk really hard every few inches of the way. The result was perfect. I picked it up as best as I could with the camera.
Spray them with lacquer, and got to work on the hardware.
I wanted the original hardware to stay with this chest, but the awful red paint made me worry I wouldn’t have a choice. Then I remembered what a wonderful invention spray paint is!
Enjoyed a completely unhealthy, microwave lunch while I  was “watching the paint dry”! No, I was really watching Ellen.
Here she is in her new home:

I am absolutely, 100% in LOVE with this chest! I sat and stared at it when I got it in the bedroom where it would stay! What do you think?

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