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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A fun lunch.

I feel so silly even sharing this, but I know lots of people certainly wouldn’t think of it. I’m going to share how I make Lunchables inspired pizza roll-ups. A fun lunch for children and adults alike!
To make these I used spaghetti sauce, tortillas, shredded cheese, and pepperoni.
Spread your spaghetti sauce on your tortilla to your liking. I used about 4 tsp on each, I was using burrito sized tortillas.
Put pepperoni/toppings to your hearts desire! I like to put my pepperoni on before my cheese because it keeps them from moving around when you’re at the rolling stage.
Top with cheese. I used fiesta blend because that’s what we had on hand, but whatever suits your taste is fine.
Roll ‘em up!
I sprinkle a little cheese on top, when the cheese is melted, they’re done. :)
Bake them for 10-15 minutes at 350 degrees on a foil lined pan for extra crispiness. Plus it makes for easy clean up!
I cut these in half for a football party and they were a big hit! If you make these, let me know how your family liked them!

Happy fall!

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  1. Hello fellow Bama Girl! I'm from the Gadsden area. Nice to see someone else on blogger from our beautiful state. Hope to hear more from you soon!