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Saturday, September 17, 2011

DIY decorative plate!

Around a week now I’ve been staring at this..


I apologize, there is no natural light in my hallway. Anyway, the Blue Ocean Breeze blue just doesn’t mesh well, and the skull on the candle stick looks a little goofy. I like the black bird, however. Smile

I knew I wanted a plate, but I wasn’t willing to pay a lot for something that would only be displayed for a few weeks a year.

Those of use without a vinyl cutting machine have to get a little creative sometimes, so that’s what I did.

I started out with this old plate.


I simply spray painted it white.


Using only supplies I had on hand already…


I lay my stencils out in the center of the plate..


and with a $1 permanent marker I filled them in.


Then using painters tape, I taped off stripes on the side, and filled in any space that wasn’t taped with the marker.


If you try this yourself, be very gentle when you’re removing your tape! I learned this the hard way :\


No big deal, I just filled them in using my fingertip with white acrylic paint.


Problem solved! Smile


Again, I apologize. No natural light in my hallway. Much better than before, yes?

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