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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My rag wreath.

I’m obsessed with into black birds for my décor this fall. I have them everywhere.. seriously.
No, I’m not finished with everything. You catch my drift though, right? Smile
So of course when I was ready to make a wreath the obvious thing to do would be make something black bird inspired. I thought of feathers, but I really wanted something even a little messier. A rag wreath it was.
Frugal as I am, I went around gathering supplies in my house. I started out with a plan to reuse a wreath form, but it was too pretty as it was and I really didn’t want to take it apart.
So, I let go of the idea for a little while and did some of my “wife duties”… dishes and laundry.
I didn’t have something round to use, but I DID have something that bends easily.
That’s right. A metal coat hanger. I have a billion pushed into a corner of our closet because I refuse to hang clothes on them, and they were all the hubs used prior to marriage.
I straightened it out, THEN started bending it in until I had a circle-y shape.
I later found out with a rag wreath, it doesn’t have to be perfect- you will still have the same effect.
I used my pinking shears to cut a trillion 1” x 7” strips of fabric.
Please ignore my awful craft table. Painting it is on my to-do list.
I tied the fabric strips on the coat hanger with double knots just to thicken it up some.
Cute right? I devised a plan to put our last initial on it using this method. Usually I paint everything that isn’t furniture black. I don’t think a black letter on a black wreath would be very interesting to the eye, so I went for the opposite end of the spectrum.
I did, however paint it black. Except this time, when the last coat was applied, I sprinkled GOLD craft glitter on it. Now when the sun hits it just right, people a mile down the street can see it!
I tied it onto the wreath with nylon thread, but I don’t suggest doing this. The hold is weak, so it wont last long.
Will I have to bring it in on a windy day? Yes. Will rain destroy the H? Yes. Do I still love it regardless? YES.

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