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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dining room decor :)

So, the hubs and I ordered a pizza and watched a movie yesterday when he came home from work. I was trying to squish the box to make it fit in the garbage can when an idea formed in my head. Cardboard from a pizza box is thin, yet somehow fairly strong. I guessed (and was correct) that it would be fairly easy to cut.

I gathered a few supplies: the pizza box, cheap picture frames, Glossy Black Anita's craft paint, a foam paint brush, a sheet of paper, fabric and a sharpie and got started!

I am no good at free handing anything, so I found a font I liked. I decided to save ink and just trace the letters from my computer screen with a pencil. 

Sure, they're a little uneven.. Meh, doesn't bother me.

I cut the letters out.
At first, because I'm dumb sometimes, I thought I would have to trace the E backwards on the pizza box before I finally realized that I could just rotate it and have the same result. :\

So, tracing them on the printed size of the box is what I did.

Cut them out with scissors and an x-acto knife.

I painted them black with craft paint.

While they were drying, I painted three 8x11 picture frames black as well.

As the frames and the letters were drying, I cut and ironed the fabric I used which just so happened to be a thrifted sheet.

First I put the fabric inside the frame and tried hot gluing the letters to the front, so changing the fabric for whatever reason would be easier. Note to self: Hot glue doesn't stick well to glass.

So I had to put the letters inside the frame, no problem, the cardboard was thin enough.

The final result:

I personally am in love with how they turned out!

The best part is, since I had everything on hand already, this project was FREE! If you wanted to do this and didn't have it all on hand, it would still be cheap.

$3 for the craft paint.
$1 for each frame.
$.99 for a pack of 4 foam brushes.
$.25 for a thrifted (bleach spot in the center of it) sheet
You can find cardboard free anywhere.
$5.25 before taxes for an easy to do project that will make a nice addition to any kitchen/dining room!
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